"Train Your Dream"

SDF is a sports project conceived in Barcelona that aims to bring European-style soccer to Australia.

We are an academy focused on improving skills and to help clubs improve their young players’ performances through specific training elements built around technical and tactical work.

What We Do

We are a soccer academy, where kids improve their soccer skills and techniques, enhancing what they learn at a typical soccer club.

- Besides skills, we aim to build character.

- Inspired by dynamic European soccer teams, we have created our own methodology to transfer this style to kids’ play.


Available for boys and girls 3 to 18 years old.

1. First lesson free.

2. Our coaches are moving around Sydney, so we come to your area for trainings.

3. After entering, the player chooses how many practise sessions to sign up for in the next few weeks.

4. The amount of sessions is not pre-established, each participant can decide how often they want to come train.

 5. When a player begins, he will join the appropriate practice group based on age, and at whatever point the group is currently at.


Players can attend as many session per week as they wish

1.  Training sessions can begin at any time of the year

2. There are five main modules in our training schedule: Passing, Control, Dribbling,

3. Defense and Scoring. Different tactics and tools are used for each skill area.

4. A different module will be highlighted each day of the week, and every week the lessons and drills in that module will vary. In this way, by the end of the month (four weeks), the  program will have rotated through four contents for each major module.


Help each player improve as a person, forging a positive life attitude.

1. Build character.

2. Improve each player’s skill set.

3. Help players understand different game situations.

4. Accompany them in their development as soccer players.

5. Help kids become smart and skilful players.

6. In summary- contribute to their growth into well-developed and complete players.


Even More


Each year, during the European soccer season, we will organize a trip to Barcelona for a select number of players who frequent SDF. While in Barcelona, these players will train with highly-qualified coaches, play matches against some local teams, and take part in a prestigious Spanish tournament facing well-known teams.


Sports are a wonderful way to transmit values and ethics, especially for kids. We focus sportsmanship with an emphasis on important values such as teamwork, respect, solidarity, and empathy. In particular, we aim at fostering self-confidence, resilience, and grit in our players. We believe these traits will be of great use throughout their entire lives.



We also organize and run intensive training programs during the school holidays.
At these holiday camps, participants will enjoy days filled with sport, where they can spend all day at our facilities enjoying a wide range of different activities, some of them focused on training and others just for fun.

What our clients say

After being a professional player more than 15 years, I am proud my son is joining SDF Academies. I am sure it is a great oportunity for him to learn a different way to play.

Jaume Garcia Ex Soccer Player


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