Players can attend as many session per week as they wish

1. Training sessions can begin at any time of the year.

2. There are five main modules in our training schedule: Passing, Control, Dribbling, Defense and Scoring. Different tactics and tools are used for each skill area.

3. A different module will be highlighted each day of the week, and every week the lessons and drills in that module will vary. In this way, by the end of the month (four weeks), the program will have rotated through four contents for each major module.

4. The allocated day for each module will rotate across weeks; for instance, the module given on Mondays will change every week. That way, even if a participant can only attend one particular day each week, all the different aspects of the game all covered throughout the month.

5. Participants will be assigned groups based on their age and skill level. Coaches will designate which group each player should train with.

6. Players can choose which days they want to come based on the skill modules they want to work on.

7. The rotation calendar for the modules will be available on our website.